National Teams Frequent Questions

When is tryouts? National Team tryouts begin on July 22nd and July 23rd. Players only need to attend one day, but we prefer if they come to both days. If they can’t make these dates, it is ok. We can schedule individuals to tryout at a later date, although it could be more difficult to get an accurate evaluation. Tryouts are invite only. Players who are invited will be done via email and only those players can try out. If there is a player who wishes to be invited that was not, they can submit a request here:

What is a Ballistic national team? This designation will have some differences from a 6-month team. First, the level of the team will be justified. In other words, if this team would not be more successful at high profile tournaments, then we would not designate it as a national team. We are confident that we have enough players at this age group that are highly-skilled and interested in doing a national team program.

Second, the commitment is significant. The team will practice normally three times a week (MWF) from early November to mid-June. Missing some practices is expected. But if a player is doing another activity or sport that is conflicting, it is expected that volleyball will take a priority. Travelling is another consideration. Most of our tournaments will take place within Michigan or very close bordering cities. However, there could be a qualifier or “nationals” which take place in Florida that the team decides to go to. We are going to try to get every player from the team to be able to participate in that, but we do realize that there could be fill in players if necessary and that situation will be planned. So committing to play in “nationals” does not need to be decided right now.

If you need more clarification, you may contact me at, or call 517-316-6784 and I will try my best to answer your questions.

What if I don’t make the national team?

If a player does not make a national team, they may still be placed with another team. They will still need to again attend the tryout dates in October, but they will not need to pay a tryout fee, as we will credit them for the already paid national tryouts fee. Tryout fees are non-refundable.

When do we find out if we made the team? Tryout finalization happens in stages. First, all players tryout and are evaluated in one day/or one weekend. In some tryouts there could be more than one weekend. Coaches then get together and share their evaluations with each other and deliberate on which players belong on which teams. Some players will be communicated individually to clarify tryout forms. This could take a couple of days. Acceptances or Not Accepted will then be emailed. Players are given around 48 hours to respond. Both the tryout fee and the commitment deposit are credit towards the overall season fees. Once all acceptances are completed we can give out additional team/season information.

We do understand the process is tedious and not easy for players/families to be patient with, but allows a smooth, organized transition into the season.

 How much will it cost? The club fees for the entire season totals $2400, and is divided into several smaller payments to be made at designated dates. The fees include the following:

AAU Membership, All tournament entries, practice time, physical training, coaching, equipment, standard uniform package, positional training, coach facilitated team bonding, BEASTS Training Program

The fees do not include: Travel costs, food costs, lodging, non-standard uniform packages

Will there be hybrid players on the national team? There could be hybrid players on the national team. Hybrid players are those who belong on the national team skill-wise, and fill key positions that are otherwise necessary for the team to compete at the highest level possible, but are unsure of commitment to the entire term of the season. Before their position is vacated, we will likely choose another player to fill their position.

 What if I would rather play on a regular 6-month or 3-month team? Players always have a choice, but they do need to make their decision in a reasonable amount of time for us to make effective plans for them. Players can decide not to tryout for the national team and they will be considered for other teams at the normal tryouts that occur in early fall and/or late winter. Or, they can tryout for a national team

 Who will be the coach? Although we do not announce who will be coaching our teams until the teams rosters have been finalized, we can assure you that: 1) their coach will be one of our most qualified for the tasks required, and 2) the coaches will be receiving great amounts of assistance and resources from the club as to provide a great overall team experience.

When do we find out more about the team/season? You should receive an email within two weeks of the tryout date, even if you did not make a team. 

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