Have a love for sports and volleyball? We may have opportunities for you!

At Ballistic, we are constantly expanding our scope of services, and therefore our list of opportunities is always evolving!


We have opportunities for any level coach, from entry level beginners to high level local teams to National Team levels.


Corrdinator positions are for soemone who likes doing a vast amount of tasks, and takes some management skills and knowledge of the inner workings of our program. 

Events Staff

Events Staff are workers who make things happen at Ballistic hosted events. 


What we are looking for in a Promoter is a good working knowledge of computers, including visual creation software, including but not limited to: Adobe Photoshop or entire Adobe Suite. Must be proficient with creation of marketing and promotional banners, posters, emails, social media posts. Must be comfortable with communications in person or on the phone with prospective clients. Must be open to shifting focus from one project to the next on the fly. Clerical work  (routine documentation and administrative tasks) will be a large part of the weekly tasks. Marketing or advertising experience is a plus. Must be able to meet and work once a week at our training facility. The remaining work can be done remotely. Promoters may be required to work certain weekend events.